9 Tips to Dominate the Arcade Boxing Machine

If you’ve ever been to an arcade, chances are you’ve seen that classic game – the boxing machine. It’s a great way to pass the time but it can also be intimidating. To ensure that your next visit to the arcade isn’t a total knockout, here are nine tips for dominating the arcade boxer machine.

How to win at Boxing Machine?

  1. Start off strong. You want to make sure that you get control of the match from the beginning and set the tone for the rest of your session. Start with some quick jabs and see if your opponent is ready for a fight.
  2. Play defensively. Don’t just throw punches blindly; try to block incoming punches as best as possible and counterattack with precision and timing when necessary. Remember, it’s all about playing defense and offense in equal measure.
  3. Know when to go in for a clinch or knee shot. Clinching and knee shots can be very effective ways of taking control of a match, so don’t be afraid to mix them into your strategy once in a while – but use them sparingly!
  4. Keep an eye on your stamina meter. Your stamina will determine how long you can stay in a match – not how many punches you throw or blocks you land – so keep an eye on it at all times! This will help ensure you don’t run out of energy too quickly and give up ground in a fight too early on.
  5. Use combos whenever possible. Combos are powerful tools that allow you to land multiple blows in quick succession, so use them whenever possible! Try mixing up light jabs with heavy hooks or uppercuts for maximum effect!
  6. Throw feints whenever possible. Feints are excellent tools for confusing your opponent and setting up easy knockouts, so mix them into your strategy whenever possible! Just keep an eye out for those pesky counterattacks.
  7. Don’t forget about throws. Throws can be great tools for getting out of tight spots or setting up easy knockouts, so make sure to mix them into your game plan now and then! Just remember – throwing someone doesn’t count as punching someone.
  8. Keep cool under pressure. The key to winning any fight is keeping calm no matter what happens – even if things don’t look good at first glance, stay focused and think strategically about how you’re going to win this match!
  9. Don’t underestimate power shots. Power shots can be incredibly effective when used properly – just make sure not to waste too much energy using them if they won’t have any effect! Also, remember that they do take longer than regular punches. So use them wisely!


Whether you’re a beginner or an expert boxer, these tips should help give you an edge the next time you step up against the arcade boxing machine! With practice and patience (and maybe some luck!), soon enough, those little plastic baggies will start raining down around your feet like confetti. Good luck out there—may victory always come swiftly!



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